Machinery And Spares
Samson SGA-4080D

Precision Hydraulic Surface Grinder


Additional Features :
  • Auto Down Feed
  • Servo Drive / Motor For Z Axis
  • Touch Screen PLC
  • Vertical Down Feed 0.002 mm/div on Hand Wheel
  • PLC Auto Grinding Controller
  • Standard Grinding Wheel
  • Wheel Dresser Stand
  • Wheel Flange
  • Wheel Etractor
  • Working Lamp
  • Balancing Arbor
  • Leveling Wedge and Bolt
  • Tool Box and Tools
  • Build in Electro Magnetic Chuck Controller
  • Instruction Manual
  • Electro-Magnetic Chuck
  • Coolant Attachment
  • Balancing Stand
  • Dust Collector
  • Coolant with Magnetic Separator
  • Coolant with Paper Filter
  • Coolant with Magnetic Separator and Paper Filter
  • Parallel Wheel Dresser
  • Universal Dresser
  • Radius and Angle Dresser
  • Sine Dresser
  • Digital Readout


Please Note: The manufacturer reserve rights to modify design, specifications, mechanism, etc. to improve the performance of this machine without notice.