Machinery And Spares
RH Series



Additional Features :
  • Machine equipped with inverter and digital readout - standard on models M45 and M60, optional in the other hydraulic machines
  • * Machines equipped with multi-position head
  • Worktable with T.Form canals of 800 x 600mm
  • Hydraulic equipment mounted into table
  • Quick change chuck for BILZ system collets
  • Independent tap speed governors ( forward and reverse )
  • Tap Lubrication system
  • Working area: 1.800 mm
  • Special standard accessories on RHR-45 & RHRM-45 model:
  • Digital tachometer
  • Inverter
  • Independent electronic tap speed governors ( Forward and reverse)
  • Working area : 2.200 mm
  • Special standard accessories on RHR-60 & RHRM-60 models:
  • Same special standard accessories than RHR-45 & RHRM-45 models
  • Coolant pump & tank
  • Worktable with T.Form canals of 1000 x 680mm


Please Note: The manufacturer reserve rights to modify design, specifications, mechanism, etc. to improve the performance of this machine without notice.